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Hi, my name is Ken Spencer, if you didn’t already figure that out.. I’m 29 years old and live in New York State. I am a high-functioning autistic.

I love programming and scripting, especially being able to make my own little utility scripts, whether I really need them or not. ‘Why?’ You may ask.. Because to me, coding and programming is actually fun in most circumstances.

Unless I’m deeply down, programming is my goto for winding down after a hard day. When I program I usually listen to EDM or Dubstep to make parts of my mind occupied, and then I can code away. I also love watching youtube videos to calm myself down after a hard day, mostly when i can’t think of anything coding related to work on.

  • ElectroCode My IRC Network and other IRC related projects site (Website Currently Defunct)

  • My Resume/CV Looking to Hire? Here’s my Skills and such.

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