To install ‘mkmatter’, do the following.


If you decide to help work on ‘mkmatter’ then please note that development is done by executing mkmatter through bundler, then mkmatter is released. If there are library problems when installing either way.. Then submit an issue here.

Please include any tracebacks and the output of mkmatter --debug

To Share or not To Share

  • User Install

    $ gem install --user-install mkmatter

  • System-wide Install

    $ sudo gem install mkmatter $ gem install mkmatter

Doing such will install mkmatter and all its needed gems to whichever path is applicable for the width of its installation. This most likely will include ‘micro-install’ a script that ‘one-stop-shop’ installs ‘micro’ a terminal text editor. ‘micro’ will be used by default if installed, unless --editor=EDITORCOMMAND is provided.