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SiteHook is a RubyGem that is used to pull jekyll blogs and build them as a intermediary between a git service webhook and a production server.

  1. Any version number in #.#.z is to be considered a development or patch/bug release.
    • These are released often, almost every other day or more than once in a day.
    • Consider these unstable
    • Only use them if trying to help develop site_hook
  2. Any version number in #.y.0 is to be considered a beta release
    • these are few and far between
    • released when big changes are added
      • but haven’t been tested much
      • or have been tested but am unsure on other factors.
      • These may be considered stable for the most part, but may have freak bugs
  3. Any version number in x.0.0 is a major release.
    • As of 03/Oct/2018, there has been no major releases, due to site_hook currently not being totally x.0.0 release worthy.
    • once all bugs pertaining to the current minor.patch version have been fixed or features added, then there may be a x.0.0 release.

NOTE: With a development release, when submitting a issue/bug report, please include the version number in your issue title.


I’ve made a tutorial for site_hook here


To help develop site_hook see >here<