Note Before Reading

Please read Installation before reading this page.

At this point, if you haven’t already, you should probably run ‘micro-install’ if you want to use ‘micro’ the terminal text editor.


New (mkmatter new)

Post (mkmatter new post)
  • --publish
    • Whether to publish the following post.
    • This has no effect if not used with --file
  • --file
    • Save the answers to a file named in the format of YEAR-MONTH-DAY-TITLE.format
  • --draft
    • Save the post in the _draft folder.
Page (mkmatter new page)
  • --publish
  • --file

Tags (mkmatter tags)

Find (mkmatter tags find)
Gen (mkmatter tags gen)
  • --tag-index=TAG-INDEX, -i
    • Configures whether, while generating the tag files, if and what layout they will be given
    • If you don’t have a tag index, omit --tag-index
  • --dry-run
New (mkmatter tags new)