Price Chopper — Customer Service ‘Teammate’

Saratoga Springs and Malta, NY  |  February 21st 2015 — February 2018  |  February 2018 — PRESENT

Handle Cash, Process Western Union and Lottery transactions, Ledger Balancing, Phone Use, Process Complaints & refunds, Supervise Cashiers, including overriding prices, merchandise voiding, Alcohol & Tobacco purchases.

Dollar Tree — Sales Associate

Saratoga Springs, NY  |  October 2014 — April 2015

Cash Handling, Janitorial

Dollar Tree — Sales Associate

Saranac Lake, NY  |  October 2013 - May 2014

Cash Handling, Janitorial


Saranac Lake High School, Saranac Lake, NY — Regents Diploma

September 2005 — June 2010

General Studies, Vocational Studies being Automotive Technology


ElectroCode — Website, IRC Network, Python-Based IRC Services

January 2012 - PRESENT

First, I run a website for ElectroCode, , as well as manage the IRCds for the related IRC network, with help from two other IRCOps (IRC Operators/Administrators).

On several of these IRCd servers I have the ability and access to manage them directly, installing/removing software, editing server wide configuration, adding/removing users, shutdown/reboot the server, etc.

I also have a hand in developing a Python based IRCd-like service framework; which is called PyLink, that allows the introduction of arbitrary (ro)bots to accomplish certain tasks and provide certain services to the users on the client servers. Some commands though, are IRCOp only, as well as some of the functions of the (ro)bots.

Along with that, I actually run an instance of it on my IRC network. For instance, as of February 2017, I’ve developed 3 plugins/services. First, Aurora, which requests the IRC Client Software version on the user’s connection to the network. Second, ‘Welcome’, a simple bot that provides helpful information to users when they register a channel. Third, ‘Quote’, an IRC-based quote database, which uses MySQL, as well as a Python Library named SQLAlchemy, which allows easier ways to interact with a MySQL database. The library still requires you know the structure of a simple query though, so you do need to know the ‘grammar’ and ‘conventions’ of a MySQL query.

IRC-Source — User Moderation, Website Administration

September 2016 - PRESENT

IRC-Source is a search and statistics engine for online chat rooms. My roles include, server administration/maintenance, website administration/maintenance, development of new features.

I’ve helped the owner with user support and ‘chatroom’ questions and after a period of showing my worth, I’ve since become one of his most trusted friends, and have earned the privilege of being an administrator to all of the service’s many facets.

ElectroTech — Server Setup, Server Management, Social Media Presence

November 2015 - PRESENT

I manage services for clients hosted on dedicated & virtual private servers. This includes everything from setup to regular maintenance.

In some cases I may manage social media accounts for clients. I have a quite expansive and intricate knowledge of the use of social media, as well as the marketing and presence thereof.

ElectroShells — Paid Shell Account Service, Web Hosting

June 2013 - PRESENT

A simple server/web space account service, perhaps to merge with ElectroTech into an actual hosting provider.

PyLink — Python Based Cross-IRCd Relay

October 2016 - PRESENT

PyLink’s primary and usual function is to relay and share messages, users and the like between multiple defined chat networks. The Python based IRC Services on my IRC network is built using this.

  • Attention to detail.
  • Expressive
  • Ability to easily learn usage of various forms of technology
  • Available to adapt to any timezone
(in order of fluency)
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Serbian
  • French
  • German
  • Python, includes SQLAlchemy usage (5)
  • Bash (5)
  • Ruby, includes Rails Experience (4)
  • GNU/Linux (5)
  • MySQL / PostgreSQL (2)
  • HTML, includes HAML, SLIM, ERubis (4)
  • CSS, includes SASS. LESS, SCSS (3)
  • PHP (2)
  • Collaborative Software Development (2)
  • JS, includes CoffeScript (3)
  • Data Entry (2)
  • Ledger Balancing (2)
  • Cloud Computing includes Infrastructure, Management (4)